About Us

We are a  family run business myself and my husband ,we have two very active young children both under five. We live in the country and enjoy the great outdoors because that's the best place to be with two young children.

We have always being interested in crafts as my husband is a furniture maker and i have always worked with children. I really get great enjoyment working alongside my customers in designing the perfect candle for them.

Our candles are a high quality church pillar candle which come in a variety of different sizes,the most common and best sellers being the ones shown below:

  • 8” - 120 hours burning

  • 6” - 90 hours burning

  • 3” - 24 hours burning

Thank-you for taking time to look through our site and if you have any questions or requests please feel free to email or call Fiona: 07791 370 358

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